Rose Hip “Jam”


This morning I was browsing reading though the forum when a quick and easy recipe for Rose Hip “Jam”.  I thought to myself well I do love rose hips and I do love jam so what can go wrong with this?  Absolutely nothing, it’s amazing, yummy and a new favorite in our house!  So what’s the recipe?

Dried Rose hips
Fruit Juice (I used what was left from my Archer Farms blueberry pomagranite smoothie).

Place your rose hips in a sealable jar such as a canning jar.  Cover them with your juice and place in the refrigerator.  I checked in after a half an hour, stirred it and added a bit more juice.  After an hour I couldn’t wait anymore to try it out.  It’s amazing and good for you too!

Here’s a link regarding rosehips click to download this little booklet by Rosalee de la Foret Rose Hips Booklet it has some great info on it’s benefits and some great recipes as well!



About littleherbal

I am a gal who lives in a small town who believes that everything we put in our bodies effects us. I recently became very interested in herbalism and a more natural way of life. This is a place where I explore herbs and herbal remedies. This blog is in no way intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical issues or conditions. This blog is intended as information only for those also interested in this way of life.

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