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I use a lot of beeswax in my balms, lotions, candles, and soaps.  And, I always try to use my local beekeepers as a source.  I was happy when I stumbled upon a new seller at my local farmers market who had 1 jar of fresh beeswax for sale.  You can’t get any better than that.  Now for those of you who have only used pre-strained and molded beeswax the original product looks a bit different.  Example A: So what do I do to make it usable?  Start by melting it down like this:

I place the beeswax in a pan and heat it over low heat.  You could also do this in a crock pot if you have to melt a lot of it.  As you can see there is particulates (pollen, bee parts), honey, and wax that come out of this.  Once it is completely melted I pour it through a strainer into a bowl and let it set like this:
The particulates and the honey sink to the bottom and the wax hardens on the top.  I peel off the wax melt it down and strain one more time but this time use a Pyrex dish.  While it’s still warm I pour it into molds through the strainer and allow to harden 1 more time like this:

Each little nugget is .3 oz and is particulate free, honey free, and beautiful usable beeswax.  ❤ it!  It’s a bit of work but you can’t get any fresher than that.  The honey that was left over was delicious too!

– Namaste