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Mountain Rose Herbs


I personally love Mountain Rose Herbs.  They are the herbal girls best friend.  If you have not checked out their website I highly encourage you to do so.  Their products are amazing and allow you to be amazing in your herbal adventure.  Once you are done there please check out their blog for a chance to win an amazing prize!  It’s a great starter kit to making your own cleaning products making your home clean and green.  Hey you could make your own dishwasher detergent!  Let them know that I sent you. 🙂


Raw Food


I am doing an 11 week Raw Food challenge.  I believe that what we put in our bodies really reflects on our health.  Since going raw I have not been sick, caught any colds, or anything.  It’s been pretty amazing.  Anyways I thought I would share a video I made for my other blog veggiegrl.  Enjoy!

Eating Raw


I have taken up eating 75% raw again for my health.  I find that I have more energy, am sick less, and feel generally good when I do this.  If that is something you are interested please follow my food blog here.

In other news Pam and I went to the holistic health and psychic fair yesterday.  IT WAS AMAZING!  It was so nice that it was just a town over and not a long drive.  We were there for quite a few hours even though there were maybe 30 vendors.  I visited an intuitive guide and it was eye-opening.  She was amazing and gave me some great ideas on how to better open myself to my gifts.  One thing she told me was that my heart and third eye Chakras were blocked.  Once I was done with her I found this wonderful Chakra cleanser who was just lovely.  Her energy work was amazing, I have never been so relaxed in my whole life!  It was like I was floating and wherever her hands were there was this high vibration and warmth.  I highly recommend this.  One thing I took away from this fair was that I have to just be happy and proud of me and my gifts and if it freaks anyone out or they don’t like it, it is just too bad for them.

I put that into practice today.  It was a very interesting experience, people you would have never though would be interested were.  I found out a few of my lovely vendors and the market I participate in are very into what I am.  Who knew!  I also basically conducted a class on herbalism and health. HAHA Mary’s brain must be just swimming with information.  So for this week my goals for all of you is to do the following:

Look into the mirror and say to your self as you look into your eyes “Everyday in every way I am _________,__________ and ___________.”  Choose three things (ex.  Smart, Successful, Beautiful, Calm, Worthwhile, Amazing…).  Then believe it.  The other goal for all of you is to just be happy with who you are, and I mean seriously happy.  Don’t brush off your skill or gifts with laughter, diversions, or your own blocks.  I guess you could say the theme of this week is Happiness.  Good luck, though I know you all don’t need it.